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Feeling Comfortable in Your Workout Clothing - The Game Changer

Feeling Comfortable in Your Workout Clothing - The Game Changer

There’s a certain freedom that comes with knowing that: A) you look fantastic, and B) the clothing you’re wearing will enhance your workout, and not hinder it. You don’t need to constantly worry about adjusting your top or pulling up your leggings. Your bottoms don’t get in the way as you get deep into a squad, or hit your full stride in a sprint. You’re free to focus on the only thing that matters: getting a great workout, and improving yourself. 

You look great. You feel great. You perform great.

These are the values that we believe in at Majesty Fit. This past summer, we released our first ever collections of clothing - the Heiress and LUX Sets for women, and the Tunic Performance Shirt for men. This was something we worked towards for nearly a year, and we believe that we’ve created clothing that will be a game changer for your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

The Heiress Seamless Set is the ideal performance collection for women. It’s thick and durable, while maintaining incredible flexibility and comfort. The seams are designed specifically to not obstruct your movement as you workout, giving you optimal comfort and full range of motion. We strongly believe that even with a high-performance set of clothing like the Heiress Set, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style and look. The sets include a ribbed compression band at the waist area of the top and leggings, which tightens the waist perfectly without causing discomfort or restricted movement. They also include subtle contour detailing on the glutes, legs, and bust, which quietly enhances shape and figure.

Where the Heiress Set excels in performance, the LUX Collection excels in style and feel. The LUX top features a halter-strap neckline with an incredibly elegant cross-strap back design that keeps the top snug, while looking absolutely stunning. Additionally, the LUX Collection features two unique legging styles: the pocket and mesh leggings. The pocket leggings feature an elongated pocket that flows down with the natural shape of the leg, giving a luxurious and beautiful look while also providing more space for things like phones and other valuables. On the other hand, the mesh leggings are a statement of luxury and style. They feature laser-cut hole detailing that runs under the glutes, down the thigh, and around the calves towards the ankles. You will look STUNNING in these. The LUX Collection as a whole features an incredible material that has become known as “buttery-soft” in our community. It feels fantastic to wear, while fitting true to size and holding firm in all the important areas. Your workouts never looked so good. 

In summary, we believe that looking good and feeling good in what you wear should never come at the cost of how you perform during your workouts. We believe that not only can comfort and fashion coexist in the world of fitness clothing, but they are both absolutely essential if you’re looking to get the most out of your workouts. Never sacrifice performance. Never sacrifice style.

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